Power Combinations

Tired and bored with Ultimate Powers. Are they not quite "Ultimate" enough. Then check out the following combinations of powers that you can use, or might just spark your own creative juices. Props go out to Moryssa, Dr Archeville, sway, and Johnny1 from the messageboard for this list.

Animal Transformation-Self with Evolution For some really funky effects. Home-made Shi'Ar anyone?
Phasing with Invisibility Ghosting - Uh... become a ghost.
Force Field with Body Coating Regenerative Force Field - Force Field that possesses its own resistance, health, and regeneration at Rank.
Energy Conversion with Energy Doppleganger Anima Force - Create energy dopplegangers out of any energy form.
Micro-Environment with Reality Manipulation (Present) Micro-Cosmos - Godhood within radius of power.
Remote Sensing with True Sight Scrying - Poof... you're a scryer.
Martial Supremacy with Neural Manipulation Nerve-Striking - I've cut of the flow of blood to your ankles...
Disruption with Combustion Molecular Excitement - Bus goes bye-bye... and takes the rest of the block with it.
Rocket with Hyper-Leaping Rocket Leaping - Your jumping about is as effective a combat strategy for you as it is for Mario.
Power Touch with Chemical Mimicry Molecular Aura Augmentation - You can make your tee-shirts as tough as Iron-Man's armor.
Force Field with Bouncing Ball Kinetisphere - Sort of like Speedball's power.
Weather Control with Force Field Storm Field (as seen in a recent Exiles issue).
Shapeshifting with Natural Weaponry Bio-weaponry - Form all manner of natural weapons via shapeshifting.
Lifeform Creation with Force Reincarnation True Reincarnation - You need Einstien's help with your homework... you got it.
Postcognition with Molecular Creation You can take a discarded pizza box from a dumpster and re-create the pizza that had been inside.
Animal-Transfomation-Self with Duplication Get a Horde of beasties.
Incarnation Awareness with Mental Duplication Allowing her to actually merge with past lives.
Incarnation Awareness with Precognition To allow her to chat with her future selves.
Weather Control with Body Transformation The effects are pretty obvious.
Weather Control with Missile Creation The character created miniature atmospheres shaped like orbs which contained the desired weather effect inside.
Phasing with Neural Manipulation and Biophysical Control - Disruption Forget about screwing electronics. You can kill just by phasing through a person.
Catalytic Control with Molecular Creation Internal Chemistry Set! Make a cesium bomb, nuclear bomb, and just about any other fun reaction reason will allow!
Energy Conversion with Molecular Conversion Transmolecular Conversion - Matter... energy... it's all the same.
Force Field with True Invunerability Invincibility Field - Nothing is getting through.
Molecular Creation + Enlargement (Atomic Gain) with Molecular Creation + Enlargement (Atomic Gain) Hyper-Molecular Creation - Bigger is better.
Magnetic (or Kinetic) Control with Missile Creation Railgun - Boom.
Total Memory with Power Duplication (Magic Only) Spell Recall - Remember in precise detail every spell you witness, so you can cast it yourself.
Emotion Control (Fear) with Weakness Creation Phobia Power - Very Scarecrowish...
Collection (Blood Only) with Bio-Vampirism Meta-Vampirsm - Nasty...
Energy Body: Shadow with Sympathetic Magic Shadow Puppetry - That's just creepy...
Chemical Mimicry with Power Duplication D.N.A. Mimicry - You can make your D.N.A. sequence functions as if it were someone elses.
Magnetism with Power Control: Negation (Technology Only) EMP Burst - Why'd all the lights go out?
Absorbtion Power: Kinetic with Growth Kinetic Absorbtion (Physical Only)- Similiar to Strong Guy's power.
Bezerker with Growth Rage Transformation - Yippie... you're a mini-Hulk.
Armor Skin with Prehensile Hair Prehensile Skin - Umm... like Skin....
Armor Skin with Martial Supremacy Morphing - Yeah... you're a dingy little Power Ranger... eh...
Shadowcasting with Neural Manipulation Your shadows dampen the electrical impulses sent through someone's body.
Internal Limbo with Gravity Control Optionally throw in Energy Sponge or Absorption. Add Growth for flavor. You are your own black hole. The same can be achieved with Gateway and the aforementioned powers.
Reflection with Psi-Screen Professor X is in for a nasty surprise...
Body Transformation: Others with Power Control Species Change - Zap... they're a skrull... zap... they're a mutant... zap they're an Inhuman... you get the picture (could be financially useful... if you can find any rich mutants willing to pay for regular treatments to keep them "normal").
Astral Projection with Self-Duplication Astral Dopplegangers - Well... you can spilt your mind and psyche into many projections at once.
Physical Gestalt with Self-Duplication Multi-form - You can exist as a gestalt-being or as several beings as your natural state... no duration on either.
Hyper-Speed with Teleport-Self Warp Speed - You're like the Flash... I mean... like Buried Alien... yeah... that's what I meant...
Hypnotic Voice with Probability Manipulation Fortune Telling (Oracle Power) - "What's really going to bake your noodle later on is, would you still have broken it if I hadn't said anything?"
Hyper-Invention with Hyper-Speed Hyper-Kitbashing - "You're telling me you just whipped up that transdimensional-whatchmacallit... while I was in the bathroom?"
Micro-Environment with Bio-Physical Control Decay Kill Zone - As demonstrated by a very unfortunate teenager in a recent "Ultimate X-Men".
Power Touch with Missile Creation Repulsion = As possessed by Spider-Girl.
Cold Generation with Crystallization Ice Generation - Of course...
Bio-Vampirism with Age-Shifting Youth-Stealer - I was twelve yesterday.
Mind Probe with Total Memory Memory Copying - Why settle for only remembering everything you've experienced...
Power Detection with Weakness Detection You know basically everything their is to know about someone just by looking at them. (Like the cheesy Final Fantasy spell"
Remote Sensing with Environmental Awareness and Telepathy Planetary/Galactic Awareness - You're not quite intune with the cosmos... just you're little corner of it.
Emotion Control with Bezerker Rage Power - Your twisted little self can send the masses into a blinding rage and bloodlust.
Plague Carrier with Zombie Animation Infectious Zombification - You're a zombie... you bite Steve... Steve's a zombie... Steve bites John... John's a... oh... nevermind...
Emotion Control (Fear/Terror) with Hallucination Nightmare Visage - "Okay, this is messed up... Ultra-lad is over there screaming about giant boil weevils... and Meteormaiden is in the fetile position mumbling something about the milkman... and now I'm seeing my Third Grade Gym Teacher... oh the humanity!!!"
Hypnotic Control with Microwave Control Hypnotic Broadcast - Okay... every villain and there mother has tried it... and it never works out... but maybe you're the one that'll change all that.
Teleport-Other with Teleport-Self Location Swap - "Fortunately, I'm not the one standing next to the bomb. *zap* Crap...."
Troubleseeker (with and limited to Dimensional Travel) with Summoning Exile - You get pulled between alternate realities dragging along other reality displaced comrades... should one of you fall... another is summoned.
Troubleseeker (with and limited to Time Travel) with Mind Control Possession Quantum Leaping - Now all you need is a Ziggy....
Communicate with Non-Living Matter with Time Travel Day Replay - Ala the new "Tru Calling" series... you can travel back in time up to twenty-four hours to save any recently deceased individual who asks for aid.
Communicate with Non-Living Matter with Probability Manipulation Freaky Talking Knicknack Power - Little trinkets direct you to perform actions that set into motion highly unlikely and improbably chains of events that lead to beneficial outcomes for others.
Spirit Vampirism with Probability Manipulation Destiny-Stealer - (As seen last seen on "Angel") You sap the good fortune and karmic destiny out of a person, leaving them a hollow, directionless shell.
Precognition (vocal component need) with Mind Probe (vocal component needed) Muse Empathy - You can read peoples thoughts and destinies by listening to them sing (as possessed by Lorne on t.v.'s "Angel").
Ionization with Disruption Phasering - When you ionize a target for a brief instant there is no compensation for air molecules and particles, and thus your power causes high levels of apparent burning and pain. You can still go for a full disintegration effect as well (Star Trek-ish weapon).