Uru is the virtually indestructible metal ore that is unique to the Asgard dimension. It resembles stone but also has metallic properties. It seems able to store most energies, particularly magic.

Notable characteristics

Uru is highly durable and retains enchantments very well. Its luster has been described as "badly wrought iron". When Uru is enchanted, it becomes much more durable.

Its ductility is unknown. Uru is very resistant to damage, but there is no known instance of Uru being drawn into wire.

Uru is non-sparking and is a highly immalleable metal, often requiring extreme methods to forge it (for example, the heart of a star, or an enchanted forge). Albeit very difficult to forge, weapons and items built in Uru, especially the enchanted ones, are resilient to most forms of damage at a CL3000 material rank.  


Uru's physical characteristics are difficult to measure, due to the fact that nearly all known samples are also heavily magically enchanted, making accurate measurements of its properties nearly impossible. Depending on the method or nature of the enchantment, the physical characteristics, more often than not, vastly differ from one another. Mjolnir, for example, has proven itself capable of withstanding immense force and physical strain (e.g. Channeling both the energy of the storm and the Odinforce to dent Captain America's shield).

The main property of Uru, as discovered by Tony Stark, is its natural affinity to magic. Uru is not only easy to enchant, but also absorbs magic like a sponge, redirecting it and enhancing the natural attributes of his wielder. A suit of Iron Man armor fueled by Uru was able to channel a full blast of lighting from Mjolnir and Odinforce into a blast from its Unibeam.

The symbiotic relationship between Uru and its wielder works both ways: a mystical user, such as Thor, can lend to the Uru in his weapon his own strength, in the process making the metal stronger and more resilient.


Due to its durability and ability to hold enchantments, it is often forged into the finest weapons for the warriors of Asgard.

Uru is used as the key component in several characters' equipment, including:
-Thor's hammer, Mjolnir
-Thor's axe, Jarnbjorn
-Odin's spear, Gungnir
-Beta Ray Bill's hammer, Stormbreaker
-Eric Masterson's enchanted mace, ThunderStrike
-Geirrodur's spear, Tordenstock
-The body of Uroc the Unstoppable
-Vidar's staff
-Heimdall's sword
-The Thorbuster suit, developed by Stark on the design of an Uru-powered reactor.
-Captain America's Shield, reconstructed after its destruction by the Serpent.
-Thor's Black Uru prosthetic left arm.
-Uru is also used in the bits and scoops of the trolls of Asgard, thereby enabling them to dig holes into other dimensions.

Occurrence and production

Uru is unique to the Asgard dimension. Uru is one of the most prized exports of the dwarven miners of Asgard.


Applying a permanent enchantment to Uru is very dangerous and should only be attempted by those of immense power, well versed in both the enchanting and crafting of the metal. Despite its incredible ability to store and harness vast quantities of energy, (especially those of a mystical nature), the casting of a permanent enchantment can cause the Uru to become dangerously volatile, and unstable. Often causing more harm than good.