Marvel Metals & Metallic Alloys

Proto-Adamantium: Most indestructible material/metal in the Marvel Universe created by the American metallurgist Dr. Myron MacLain, found uniquely within Captain America's Vibranium-Steel alloy shield (now with added Uru!). The process of creating Proto-Adamantim has never been duplicated.

True Adamantium: Also known as Primary Adamantium, Is a very dense, artificial steel-based alloy that is nearly-indestructible. Incredibly hard to come by, can be used to coat normal metals to enhance their durability as well. Almost impossible to make on Earth-616, process is limited to a select few corporations. Most notably found in Ultron's indestructible carapace (outer armor).

Secondary Adamantium: Also known as Adamantium Steel. When you can't afford real Adamantium, you make, buy or steal this. Far more durable than normal metallic alloys, very, very expensive.

Adamantium Beta: Wolverine's Skeleton and claws are made from this (unique to Wolverine). Wolverine's mutant healing factor allowed him to survive the adamantium bonding process, but it also induced a molecular change in the metal. Adamantium Beta functions like True Adamantium but does not inhibit the biological processes of bone. This fact only became apparent after Magneto forcibly extracted the Adamantium from Wolverine's skeleton.

Vibranium A: Wakandan Vibranium Is a rare, extraterrestrial metallic ore which absorbs vibrational and kinetic energy. Theorized to have been first deposited on Earth by a meteorite 10,000 years ago. It is found exclusively in the African kingdom of Wakanda. 

Vibranium B: Antarctic Vibranium also known as Anti-Metal, which destroys the atomic and molecular bonds in solid metals, causing them to liquefy (even in adamantium). Black Panther used to have claws made from it. This material has thus far been found only in the isolated region of Antarctica known as the Savage Land.

Carbonadium: Is a resilient, unstable radioactive metal that is vastly stronger than steel, but more malleable and cheaper than Adamantium. It was developed when the Russians created the Carbonadium Synthesizer (the only device that can produce carbonadium)in a failed attempt to recreate True Adamantium. While not as durable as Adamantium, it is much more flexible. Carbonadium is toxic to organics like most heavy metals, and slowly poisons those who use it. The metal has the ability to disrupt mutant healing factors. Most commonly associated with Omega Red.

Osmium: Also known as Osmium Steel or Organic Steel, is a dense and resilient metal; most commonly associated with the mutant power of Colossus to transform into a being composed of this metal.

Adamantine: Greek god's version of True Adamantium, durable, tough, golden-colored, very rare. Most notable object: Hercules' Golden Mace.

Uru: Norse god's virtually indestructible super-metal, Mjolnir is made from it; tough, strong, holds enchantments well, its luster has been described as "badly wrought iron". Hard to come by even in Asgard, dwarves horde it.

Cosmically-Enhanced Metals: Including the armor of the Celestials, Galactus and the material of the Silver Surfer's board are made of super-strong, nearly indestructible materials, unable to be affected by most normal forces on Earth.

FE Cloth, glass, brush, paper.
PR Normal plastics, crystal, wood.
TY Rubber, soft metals (gold, brass, copper, lead), ice, fiberglass.
GD Brick, aluminum, light machinery pieces, asphalt, high strength plastics.
EX Concrete, beta cloth, iron, bullet-proof glass.
RM Reinforced concrete, steel.
IN Solid stone, Vibranium, volcanic rock.
AM Osmium, granite, titanium.
MN Diamond, super-heavy alloys, Carbonadium.
UN Secondary Adamantium, certain mystical and enchanted elements.
CL1000 True Adamantium, Adamantium Beta, Adamantine, Cosmically-Enhanced Metals.
CL3000 Asgardian Uru (Thor's Hammer: Mjolnir), Proto Adamantium (Cap's Shield).

by The Skycutter