The Eternals


Important Eternals

Character NameAffiliation
Aginar Eternals
Ajak Eternals
Gilgamesh Eternals
Ikaris Prime Eternal
Interloper None
Khoryphos Eternals
Makkari Eternals
Mentor Eternals
Overmind Eternals
Phastos Eternals
Sersi Eternals
Starfox Eternals
Thanos Eternals
Thena Eternals
Zuras Eternals


When the alien Celestials first encountered Earth eons ago, their experiments created two offshoots of humanity: Eternals and Deviants.Rapidly developing technology and advanced society, eventually a civil war rocked the Eternals, after which a faction of the Eternals, led by Uranos, left earth for refuge on the planet Uranus. The other Eternals, led by Chronos, remained on earth. The Uranian Eternals found remains of an alien Kree supply depot, and armed with new technology, many Uranian Eternals attempted to return to Earth to renew their civil war.

Instead, the Kree attatcked them for stealing their technology, and the Uranian Eternals crashed on Saturn's moon, Titan, and eventually founded a city there. On Uranus, the remaining Eternals continued their civilization there. On Earth, Chronos was experimenting with cosmic energy, and a resulting accident left the city in ruins and Chronos as an expanded astral form with godlike intelligence. The accident also changed the Eternals, granting them all cosmic powers and near-immortality. To determine who would inherit the throne, Chronos' two sons, Zuras and Alars, drew their people into forming a collective psychic body called the Uni-Mind, which decided that Zuras should reign. Zuras expanded Eternal presence on Earth to Olympia, Greece as well as Siberia and the Pacific Ocean. Alars left Earth when Zuras was elected ruler. He evetually found the remnants of the Titan Eternals, who degenerated into civil war themeselves. He married the sole survivor, Sui-San, and populated the moon, including siring the Eternals Eros (the Avenger Starfox) and Thanos.

Alars renamed himself Mentor and continues to rule his people to this day. Although Sui-San did not have the cosmic abilities as Mentor, their children have never gained teh full complement of powers that their Earthly cousins have. On Uranus, the civilization there produced advanced theories of science and products of art, and beauty. These people welcomed the Earth scientist Grayson and helped raise his son, Robert, who eventually returned to Earth in the 1950's as the superhero Marvel Boy. Later, however, the Uranian Eternals grew bored with their existence, and allowed themselves to be wiped out by the cosmic entity Deathurge.In more recent years, the Celestials returned to Earth to judge its progress. Zuras, fearing that the judgement would lead to Earth's destrucition, appointed his daughter Thena leader and led a fight against the Celestials forming a Uni-Mind, but was killed by the Celestials for his presumtion.

After the Celestials had judged Earth worty of continued existence, the majority of Earth Eternals formed a Uni-Mind and left Earth, although a few Eternals remain on their city atop Mount Olympus on Greece. Several members of the Eternals have come into contact with adventuring heroes, such as the Avengers, and have often left their home to adventure with them.

Eternals have for the most part departed Earth. The Terran Eternals have departed their homes in Olympia, Oceana and Polaria in order to explore the universe as the Uni-Mind, leaving a handful of adventurers and renegades behind. An External outpost on Saturn's moon Titan is ruled by Mentor, father of Starfox and Thanos.

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Known Powers

Eternal Generations

The Eternals do not consider their age as mortals do, instead, they are often mentioned as being of a certain Generation (e.g. Sersi is called a Third or Fourth Generation Eternal in the Handbook). The exact nature of this ageing system has not been fully explained, however here is a base, although not verified by Marvel Comics, it is based on their stories.

The First Host describes the first visit of the enigmatic Celestials to the Earth in it's prehistoric past, about 1 Million years ago. These cosmic beings performed experiments on man's ancestors, creating both the Eternals and Deviants. "The First came to Earth before there were men upon it...but they did find our common ancestor, who became subject to their experiments." (Ajak- Eternals 7).

The Second Host describes the Celestials second visit to the Earth, around 20 000 years ago. The Deviants had created a world-wide empire, and thought they could challenge the Space Gods...they were wrong. "Wrath and Discipline marked the coming of the Second Host! Many civilizations spawned in the dim past vanished, forcing man to climb again in new directions." (Ajak- Eternals 7).

The Third Host describes the third visit of the Celestials, around 3000 years ago. "Inspection and Cultivation was the job of the Third Host. The Inca civilization received them as Gods. The Celestials roamed the world on strange vehicles, and caused consternation among the superstitious." (Ajak- Eternals 7).

The Fourth Host arrived much more recently, only a few years ago. The Celestials usually only visit a planet four times, and the fourth time is a visit of judgement, either in the planet's favour, or against it. Thankfully, the Space Gods voted in Earth's favour, and departed.

Makkari also once commented that Eternals celebrate their birthdays once a Millennium – making Makkari 4 1/2 at present. And that the original OHOTMU claims that an Eternal does not reach adulthood until they are 1500 years old.

Here is an interpretation of the Eternals Generations.

First Generation Eternal

Being those born before the fall of Titanos.

Second Generation Eternal

Being those alive at the time of Chronus' experiment.

Third Generation Eternal

Being those born after Chronos' experiment but before the Second Host.

Fourth Generation Eternal

Being those born after the coming of the Second Host.

Fifth Generation Eternal

Being those born after the coming of the Third Host.

Sixth Generation Eternal

Being those born during the Age of Marvels.

Source: Sersi's Loft