Resurrection: Life after Death

What happens if you die?

The rule books are a little hypocritical regarding this. The "official" rules say that when your character dies, he is dead and you will need another one if you wish to play again. The rules also has a nice little introduction saying that you are playing in the Marvel Universe. Anyone else see the inconsistency there? If not, I'll make it easier: MARVEL UNIVERSE = DEAD? SINCE WHEN? This chart is to be used after your Endurance reaches Shift-0 rank.

Roll     Resurrection Chart
01-03 Abducted by Aliens (return next game with Lacunar amnesia. I cannot remember what happened, but I was abducted).
04-06 Transported to future (roll again).
07-09 Revived by a futuristic machine.
10-12 Revived by a bored god.
13-15 Clone was killed.
16-18 Clone is alive.
19-21 Not sure who was the clone but someone died.
22-24 Not sure who was the clone both survived because... (roll again)
25-27 Wound wasn't really fatal.
28-30 'Got Better'.
31-33 Really a mutant with a healing factor (roll rank).
34-36 Really an Immortal (get a sword and a trenchcoat, there can be only one).
37-39 Leftover doppelganger from Infinity War was killed.
40-42 Went insane and replaced by a younger version (lower all stats by -1CS).
43-45 Alien shapeshifter was killed.
46-48 Dead until Anniversery issue, make new character (roll 1d10 to see how many games character is dead).
49-51 Aunt May Syndrome; feel faint, go lay down and rest awhile, then get back up and make cookies.
52-54 Comes back with four Wanna-be's.
55-57 Not really dead, but appoints an armored psyco as a replacement.
58-60 Not killed, but Identity is discovered.
61-63 Not dead, but your book was canceled. (Whatever world shattering disaster you were about to stop is no longer important. You will never be seen again except in some comic with the word Infinity in it).
64-66 Clone takes place (play with clone).
67-69 Character gets better and has an identity crisis and quits for 1d10 (1 to 10 games).
70-72 Character gets better and has an identity crisis, but doesn't quit.
73-75 Character has an identity crisis and runs around with nothing, but his boxer shorts on. Problem is, he is using them as a mask. Character is locked in an asylum forever (make new character).
76-78 Character becomes evil and tries to take over the world... or something.
79-81 Character becomes a vampire (see Vampire Table for stats & powers).
82-85 Character becomes trapped in an Astral Plane until a body is found.
86-91 Nuclear bomb annilhates body (roll again).
92-94 Magneto Syndrome; come back with all powers +1CS higher (and change name to Magnus).
95-99 Mind was fried, but who'll miss it (lose the laces and get slip on shoes or velcro).
00 STAY DEAD (Hey, it happened... I'm not kidding. It really did, honest!)