by Lady Arakne and Matt Thompson

Randomly-rolled characters begin the game with an Appearance of Typical, followed by a roll on the ability modifier table. Mutants reduce this by -1CS, because of that unsightly third eye (note that the randomness still allows for a good-looking mutant, there's just not as many). The Judge may allow players to set a specific stat if the player can come up with a good enough reason, and modelled characters can have their Appearance stat set by the player (subject to the Judge's approval, of course)

New characters should also be allowed to trade in powers, talents, and contacts for additional Appearance ranks (allow one rank per trade-in)

Appearance Benchmark
Shift-0 Hideous Sauron and Daemonites
Feeble Repulsive Chamber and Deadpool
Poor Homely Reptile and Toad
Typical Plain to Average Iceman and Wolverine
Good Attractive Jubilee, Longshot and Tony Stark
Excellent Pretty/Handsome Captain Britain, Gambit and Moon Knight
Remarkable Statuesque Captain America, She-Hulk, and Thor
Incredible Bewitching Black Widow, Jean Grey and Storm
Amazing Stunning Black Cat, Dagger and Emma Frost
Monstrous Radiant Roma and Megan in her true form
Unearthly Devine Demigods and Deities in true form

Appearance does figure in to Popularity, which is covered later in this supplement.

Using the Appearance Stat

Characters can use their appearance to influence members of the opposite gender (this may work differently for some alien species'). If a character is talking to somebody who does not know them, they may use their appearance stat in the place of their popularity (The Judge may even state that they *have* to use their appearance stat instead, especially if their appearance is lower than their popularity stat)

Of course, if you are known to be a world-dominating villain, or a hero who has saved thousands of lives, it doesn't really matter what you look like, as people know you by reputation. Typically, anyone with a popularity of larger than 20 (or -20) can't use their appearance in place of popularity. However, they may be able to gain a +1CS to a popularity roll given a successful appearance FEAT first.

The Judge may also rule that the appearance stat can be used for other things. Getting a date for Tony Starks party could be considered an appearance FEAT. Of course, if plain old Jane Smith (app Typical, popularity 4/60) slips into her costumed identity of Avenger Girl first, she may be able to use a popularity FEAT for the same thing, and will probably make front page news in the local scandal sheet the next day, too.

Johnny Crandall, the Crimson Cartographer, stops dead in his tracks while trying to escape the villain's hideout. Ahead of him is the exit, but it's guarded by two Amazonian warriors. Realising he's hopelessly outclassed if things turn agressive, he slips into the shadows and changes into his secret ID. Putting on his best smile, he approaches the ladies "Hey, I'm really sorry about this, but I have absolutely no idea where I am - I thought this was some kind of bookstore.... Say, are you two girls doing anything tonight?" The Judge may even allow him a red FEAT roll to get past unhindered. If he doesn't turn up for dinner, though, he's likely to be the subject of a manhunt the next day. If he does turn up, he'd better have his escape route well planned after the two finish fighting over him....

Modifers to Appearance

The appearance stat represents how the character appears to members of their own race. The Judge should make relevant modifiers when a character tries to use their appearance stat to influence members of alien races. For similar races, there may be no modifier, but in the case of a Skrull talking to a human, anything from -2CS to -4CS could be applied.

If a character spends a good hour or so making themselves look presentable, they may be able to gain a +1CS to appearance for a short while. Any other measures taken to improve appearance may be allowed by the Judge (plastic surgery?)

Improving Appearance Permanently

Apart from the aforementioned plastic surgery, there is no easy way to improve one's appearance stat. It can't be done by spending Karma, however much you've managed to save. The Judge may decide under certain circumstances that appearance is actually reduced (having your face plunged into a bucket of acid is a good example of this).