Advanced Game and Modules

Advanced Game Core Rule Books

Players Handbook Players Handbook
Judges Handbook Judges Handbook
Children of the Atom Children of the Atom
Avengers Coast to Coast Avengers Coast to Coast
Ultimate Powers Book Ultimate Powers Book
Fantastic Four Compendium Fantastic Four Compendium

Advanced Game Modules

Cosmos Cubed Cosmos Cubed
Ragnarok and Roll Ragnarok and Roll
The Left Hand of Eternity Left Hand of Eternity
All This and World War II All This and World War II
The Weird Weird West The Weird Weird West
The Revenge of Kang Revenge of Kang
Nightmares of Future Past Nightmares of Future Past
X-Potential The X-Potential
Reap the Whirlwind Reap the Whirlwind
Flames of Doom Flames of Doom
X-Terminate X-Terminate
Warlord of Baluur Warlord of Baluur
Spore of Arthros Spore of Arthros
Stygian Knight Stygian Knight
After Midnight After Midnight
Night Moves Night Moves
Night Life Night Life
Mutating Mutants Mutating Mutants