Armor And Battlesuits

Black Ops Hardsuits

Inspired by Bubblegum Crisis

These suits are standard issue for the members of Black Ops elite Black Knight strike force. They are also issued to security personell and field agents who are expected to face extremly hazardous conditions. Each one can be modified to suit the wearers tastes or for a specific mission profile.

Ability Increase:

Standard Features:

Celonite Powersuit

by Keith Kilburn

The Celonites are a race of Benevolent Aliens that used their abilities to spawn the Celonite Power suits to benefit other races across the Universe. The suits or symbiotic in nature and bond with the user after the first wearing...Typically two people are chosen, one to wear the suit and the other to help ensure the wearers humanity.

There is never more than One Celonite suit to a planet, although wears from different worlds do occasionally meet. The suit comes with an instruction booklet that can only be read while in the suit. Of all the races given Powersuits humans seem to have the most problem keeping their booklets.

It should be noted that the Ch'doth Predators consider Celonite Powersuit wearers to be the ultimate prize. They take not the head, but the suit.

Ability Increase:

Standard Features:


These powers are all listed in the Instruction manuals given to the wielders of the Powersuits and powers can be bought at 800 karma a piece.

Hulkbuster Body Armor

This black metal battlesuit is an apparent variation on the Mandroid armor design, upgunned to handle the Hulk.

Ability Increase:

Standard Features:

Intermesh Armor

by Glenn Moss

This armor was created as a joint venture between Glenn Moss and Doug Alexander to create a better suit of armor for use by the hero groups they belonged to. They in the long run decided to sell some to the Government and to other hero groups interested in it.

Ability Increase:

Standard Features:

Mevlex Armor

by Doug Alexander

Mevlex was created by Doug Alexander to give some protection against the criminals. Like Intermesh Mevlex is as supple as cloth and can be made into a varity of clothing designs and color's. The chief difference being that Intermesh is like a sweat suit and mevlex is like a tee-shirt.

Standard Features:

Impact-Nullifier Combat Suit

This is a flexible body suit that resembles a type of padded armor. The pads are lined with kevlar strips and laced throughout with Vibranium particles. Captain America has vibranium in his shield to absorb impact, so why not have that kind of protection in a suit? The suit provides In protection from impacts, whether they be punches or falling (yes, you could skydive without a chute, as long as you don't land on your head!). Against edged weapons, the suit provides only Excellent protection.

Component Battle System

By Michael Garrity

Battle Gauntlets

These items are constructed of Remarkable strength materials, providing Remarkable protection to the hands and forearms against physical and energy attacks. They also give an effective strength of Remarkable for the purposes of gripping/crushing items.

Weapons Systems

Each of the gauntlets has a built-in plasma blaster. This weapon has a range of 6 areas and causes Excellent damage. Each gauntlet also has a built-in electric-discharge system. This causes Excellent damage at a range of 3 areas. The discharge from both gauntlets can be directed at a single target; doing so raises the damage to Remarkable while dropping the range to 2 areas.

The gauntlets have power cells that store enough energy to fire 10 shots from each weapon system.

Battle Helmet

Designed to be used in conjunction with the battle gauntlets mentioned above. Made from Remarkable materials, giving Remarkable protection from physical and energy attacks to the head.

Standard Features:

Battle Vest

Designed to be used in conjunction with the battle gauntlets mentioned above. Made from Remarkable materials, giving Remarkable protection from physical and energy attacks to the neck and torso.

Standard Features:

Transport Boots

These items are a pair of large armored boots made of Remarkable strength materials. When worn, they give Remarkable protection from physical and energy attacks to the lower legs and feet. The boots have the ability of Flight(rocket): Remarkable, with a control rank of Incredible.

NBC Suit

This item is a thin, form-fitting body suit made of Excellent materials.

Standard Features:

This suit can be worn under the battle gauntlets, battle helmet and battle vest

Dravium Armour

by Wallace

Dravium is a superlight steel-based compound of unknown origins. The process of manufacture is known only to certain employees of Mandrake Technologies, and remains a closely guarded secret.

Dravium is notable not so much for its strength as for its energy diffusion properties. The physics behind this is so far unexplained, simply because all tests result in the energies used being diffused.

Dravium counts as having Remarkable Material Strength, and Amazing Energy Absorption properties. Armour plates of Dravium in a vehicle or Iron Man style suit will therefore provide Remarkable protection from Physical attacks and Amazing protection from Energy.

Lighter armour, such as chain mail or mesh, is naturally less effective; Dravium worn as non-powered armour provides Good protection from Physical attacks and Remarkable protection from Energy.

Dravium counts as having Incredible cost to buy in its raw state.

Anime-Inspired Battlesuit

by Dr Archeville

This battlesuit, created by the demented Japanese teenage super-genius Doc Otaku, appears to be a dark blue jumpsuit with light blue circuitry woven throughout, with bark blue boots and bracers.

Standard Features:

Stealth Suit

by Michael Garrity

Designed especially for use in covert operations.

Standard Features:

Underwater Combat Suit

by Michael Garrity

Used by Delta, Green Berets, Navy Seals, etc. This suit has a maximum operationa depth of 600'.

Standard Features:

American Eagle Battlesuit

by Michael Garrity

This armor is named for the patriotic theme of its paint job, as well as the stylized representation of an eagle's head on the armor's forehead & faceplate. It gives the following bonuses:

Ability Increase:

Standard Features:

Speed Suit

by Michael Garrity

This item is a suit of flexible, dull-gray material. The suit's structure is amorphous and crystalline, and therefore can't be affected directly by magnetism.

It grants the wearer the following ability enhancements and powers:

Triple Ply Titan Weave Body Armour

by Mad Niz

Titan Weave blends strands of titanium and steel with conventional ballistic cloth to produce a highly effective lightweight body armour. The usual configuration is an all in one suit complete with mask that provides Excellent protection from physical and energy attacks and Remarkable protection from heat.