Making Elders of the Universe

Elders of the Universe are a type of immortal being. The wellspring of their immortal life forces is their passion for a single pastime, obsessively pursued throughout most of their mortal lives. If this passion for their hobbies is enough, they may have what it takes to shrug off their mortality.

Four billion years ago, your home star grew cold and dark. Your galaxy collapsed on itself two billion years ago; all that remains now is a dark singularity. Of all the trillions of lifeforms in your galaxy, you alone fled and escaped the death of your race. Of all the trillions of lifeforms, you alone understood that to live one needs a passion. Of all the trillions, you alone. Alone. This is what it means to be an Elder of the Universe.

The Elders are the only survivors of the first galaxies that formed in the wake of the Big Bang. Each comes from a different race and a different galaxy. Each has achieved immortality and moves freely through space. And each wields the power of a god, though the forms of this power are as varied as the Elders themselves. Long ago, every Elder realized the key to eternal life lay in an all encompassing task that prevented its pursuer from losing interest in life. To this end, some elders have chosen to perfect their mental or physical potentials, and others have dedicated their lives to Herculean errands that can never be finished. Whatever the pursuit, it is immense, perhaps even impossible for with fulfillment comes oblivion.

There is no set way to determine how much zeal it takes to become an Elder. It just sort of happens. Furthermore, the Elders' contention that one has to be the last of their species to be one of them seems to just be a matter of convenience; most of them are the last of their kind only because they are so darned old. One can generate an Elder by rolling up statistics for them as an alien (with the Player's Handbook) or a deity (with the Ultimate Powers Book). It is important to note that an Elder typically has higher ranks in his or her Endurance, Intuition, and Psyche ranks.

It is probably best, however, to model an Elder, rather than roll one up randomly. No tables can generate the proper balance of ability scores and powers to represent an Elder properly (unless you roll like a demon on speed)...

Standard Powers for the Elders are presented below:

All this is the easy part. When making an Elder, his origin and personality are the most important, as Elders should stand out compared to other characters, as they are indeed special beings. A Judge (or lucky player) should spend an extra amount of time figuring these matters out.

By Firebomb