Spaceknight Generation

Character Creation

All spaceknight's characters roll on the following table for Primary Abilities:


Die RollFighting score
01-60 Excellent
61-80 Remarkable
81-96 Incredible
97-99 Amazing
00 Monstrous

Agility & Strength

Die RollAbility score
01-10 Excellent
11-30 Remarkable
31-70 Incredible
71-90 Amazing
91-00 Monstrous


Note: the Endurance score reflects only the need to rest as Spaceknights can withstand exposure to deep space indefinitely.

Die RollEndurance
01-30 Amazing
31-90 Monstrous
91-00 Unearthly

Reason & Intuition

Roll for Reason and Intuition on Column 1, but give a +2CS to the result reflecting that the knights come from an advanced race.


Roll for Psyche on Column 1.

Standard Powers

All Spaceknights have the same Flight, Body Armor and Regeneration abilities as Rom and Starshine.

Resistances & Senses

Protected, Extraordinary Senses and Infravision are possible.


Lightning Speed and Teleportation are possible.

Nature Control

These powers are not possible. Energy Control, Distance Attacks, Mental Powers, Body Alterations Offensive & Defensive are all possible. Only Unique Weapons are available. Plasticity, Shape-Shifting and Body Transformation are possible under the Body Control category. These super powers are produced and made possible by the Spaceknights' advanced battle suits. Power ranks should be given a +1CS after randomly rolled, with a maximum of Monstrous.