Mutants & Masterminds to MSHRPG

Power Ranks/Power Levels
MSH Rank   Abbreviation   M&M Conversion
Shift-0 Sh-0 0
Feeble Fb 1
Poor Pr 2
Typical Ty 3
Good Gd 4-5
Excellent Ex 6-7
Remarkable Rm 8-9
Incredible In 10-11
Amazing Am 12-13
Monstrous Mn 14-15
Unearthly Un 16
Shift-X X 17
Shift-Y Y 18
Shift-Z Z 19
Class 1000 CL1000 20
Class 3000 CL3000 21-23
Class 5000 CL5000 24-25
Beyond X

Fighting: Combat abilty: trained and/or natural
Description Examples Attack Bonus
Feeble No training or ability Children, elderly 1
Poor Normal human ability Professor X 2
Typical Natural ability; minimal training Doctor Octopus 3
Good Some formal training Police, Hawkeye 4-5
Excellent Regular, formal training Military, Cyclops 6-7
Remarkable Superior talent Spider-Man 8-9
Incredible Extensive Training, Master of a form Wolverine 10-11
Amazing Maximum human potential Captain America 12-13
Monstrous Superhuman potential Asgardian Warriors 14
Unearthly Superhuman with intensive training Thor, Hercules   15+

Agility: Flexibility, balance, coordination; agility and reflexes
Description Examples Dexterity
Feeble No training or ability Disabled, Children, elderly 6-8
Poor Normal human ability Normal Human 9-11
Typical Natural ability; minimal training Mr. Fantastic 12-13
Good Some formal training Invisible Woman, Colossus 14-15
Excellent Regular, formal training Cyclops, Mockingbird 16-17
Remarkable Superior talent Hawkeye, Wolverine 18-19
Incredible Superior talent with training Captain America, Daredevil 20-23
Amazing Maximum human potential Spider-Man, Nightcrawler 24-27
Monstrous Superhuman potential Silver Surfer, Mephisto 26-30
Unearthly Superhuman with intensive training Celestials, Odin 31-50

Strength: Physical muscle power and brute force. = Str + Super Str
Description (Maximum load) Examples Strength/SS
Feeble Press up to 50 lbs Children, elderly 3
Poor Press up to 100 lbs Weak humans 5
Typical Press up to 200 lbs Normal humans 10
Good Press up to 400 lbs Daredevil 15
Excellent Press up to 800 lbs (max. human) Wolverine 20
Remarkable Press up to 2000 lbs Dr. Doom, Darkhawk 27
Incredible Press up to 10 tons Spider-Man, Luke Cage 45
Amazing Press up to 50 tons Rogue, Vision 50
Monstrous Press up to 80 tons Thing, She-Hulk 55
Unearthly Press up to 100 tons Hulk, Thor 60
Shift-X Press up to 250 tons 65
Shift-Y Press up to 500 tons 70
Shift-Z Press up to 1,000 tons 80
Class 1000 Press up to 10,000 tons 92
Class 3000 Press up to 100,000 tons 110
Class 5000 Press up to 1,000,000 tons 127

Endurance: Constitution, Aerobic, Physical Toughness, Fitness = Con
Description Examples Constitution
Feeble Reduced or impaired ability Elderly, disabled 6-8
Poor Minimal ability or exercise Children 9-11
Typical Occasional exercise Normal humans 12-13
Good Moderate exercise Black Knight 14-15
Excellent Regular exercise Daredevil 16-17
Remarkable Intensive exercise Captain America 18-19
Incredible Enhanced abilities Spider-Man 20-23
Amazing Metahuman stamina She-Hulk 24-27
Monstrous Superhuman fortitude, rarely tires Thing, Wonderman 26-30
Unearthly Immeasurable, Never tires Hulk, Thor 30-40

Reason: Ability to think logically, intellect, learning. = Int
Description Examples Intelligence
Feeble Couch potato; uneducated Ajax, Drax 6-8
Poor Primary school education Jubilee 9-11
Typical Secondary school education Cannonball, Firestar 12-13
Good Bachelor’s degree equivalent Daredevil 14-15
Excellent Master’s degree equivalent Spider-Man 16-17
Remarkable Doctorate equivalent Shadowcat 18-19
Incredible Genius: (one focus); understand alien tech. Tony Stark, Professor X 20-25
Amazing Genius: (Multifocus); create leading tech. Mr. Fantastic, Dr. Doom 26-30
Monstrous Alien genius; improve and modify alien tech. Mephisto 31-40
Unearthly Knows all human and alien tech. Watcher 41-50

Intuition: Intuitive, deductive reasoning, instinct, perception = Wisdom
Description Examples Wisdom
Feeble Impaired or limited ability Drax 6-8
Poor “Slow on the uptake” Ajax, Sunspot 9-11
Typical Normal human levels Quasar 12-13
Good Above-average intuition Shadowcat 14-15
Excellent Fine attention to details Nick Fury 16-17
Remarkable Detective background/skills Cyclops 18-19
Incredible Strong empathic sense; “gut feeling” Captain America, Dr. Doom 20-23
Amazing In tune with surroundings; strong hunches Wolverine, Professor X 24-27
Monstrous Superhuman senses Daredevil 28-40
Unearthly In touch with the universe Watcher 41-50

Psyche: Resolve, willpower, strength of focus. = Will save
Description Examples  Will Save
Feeble Easily dominated & programmed  Dreadnoughts 1
Poor Young, untrained, will-impaired Meggan 2
Typical Normal human willpower Hawkeye 3
Good Resist ordinary mesmerism Daredevil 4-5
Excellent Some experience with mind control/mystic forces Black Widow, Nightcrawler 6-7
Remarkable Trained to resist will-control Hulk, Mr. Fantastic 8-9
Incredible Great strength of will; well-trained/focused Spider-Man, Wolverine 10-11
Amazing Indomitable Willpower Dr. Doom, Thor 12-13
Monstrous Intensive training and experience with mental powers Loki, Professor X 14-15
Unearthly A mind closed to external forces Doctor Strange 16+

Resources: Financial solvency, means and wealth
Description Examples Wealth Score
Feeble Unemployed, fixed income  Aunt May 0-1
Poor Freelancers, students Spider-Man 2-4
Typical Salaried employment Betty Banner 5-8
Good Professional, middle class Dr. Strange 9-10
Excellent Small business, Avengers’ pay Captain America 11-13
Remarkable Large business, upper class Professor X, TSR Inc. 14-17
Incredible Small corporation, millionaire Fantastic Four 18-20
Amazing Large corporation, small country Doctor Doom 21-30
Monstrous Billionaire, multinational corps. SHIELD, Great Britain 31-40
Unearthly Major country, MegaCorps, Mys-Tech USA, China, Russia 41+

Talents/Skills & Feats
MSH TalentsM&M Skill & Feats
Martial Arts A Judo, Karate, Stun & Slam  
Martial Arts B Boxing, high fast damage
Martial Arts C Holds and Escapes + dodging
Martial Arts D Studies opponents weak points
Martial Arts E Improved Initiative