Hawkgirl's mace

Posted by Killer B 
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Killer B
Hawkgirl's mace
February 27, 2004 01:33PM
Has anyone given any thought about how her mace should be listed as on the J.L. cartoon?
Re: Hawkgirl's mace
February 27, 2004 02:39PM

Castlebravo wrote up stats for the entire Justice League, he did a pretty good job here is his Hawkgirl w/ Mace


F: In (40)
A: Rm (30)
S: Ex (20)
E: Rm (30)
R: Gd (10)
I: Rm (30)
P: Rm (30)

H: 120
K: 70

Popularity: 50
Resoruces: Unearthly as Justice League member


Wings: Rm (30) True Flight.
Body Armor: Ex (20) vs. physical and energy.
Mace: Made of an unknown metal with "anti-magical" properties, this weapon has the following abilities:
-Un (100) material strength
-Inflict Strength +1CS blunt or In (40) force damage.
-Deflect up to Un (100) rank magical attacks on a successful Intuition FEAT.
-Breach magical wards, protections or barriers of up to Un (100) intensity.
-Am (50) ability to dispel magical illusions.

Talents: Detective/Espionage, History (Thanagar), Blunt Weapons, Weapon Specialist: Mace

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Killer B
Re: Hawkgirl's mace
February 27, 2004 03:17PM
Much thanks. Shouldn't she have the aerial combat talent as well? And does anyone agree with me that she should be called Hawkwoman since she's obviously a woman rather than a girl? One listing I found on her ranked her as having Am50 fightimg ability, but I figured that was a bit much. I thought her wings were real since they appear to be on the show, although I heard that Hawkman's wings were artificial.
Re: Hawkgirl's mace
May 01, 2007 10:24AM
I noticed on Justice League TV show she has lost feathers from her wings and unlike the comics assume thangarian wings are genetically engineered?

As for her mace, I noticed that she defelected Mongul's planet killing super weapon (at the muzzle)on War World, demolished the alien invaders craft in the series openning, was the only effective weapon against Ares' Annialator construct, the chaos magic raised Grundy, and partially so against the Chulthulu-like being.

I'm thinking it must also offer limited protection as the wielder absorbed the electrical trap set by the Justice Lords (twice?) and shielded Diana from a mystical blast in "Balance".

Nth metal weapons appear to ignore mystical based defenses/materials, and absorb/deflect powerful energy attacks (mystical and otherwise?).

I hope this is helpful as I'm still trying to depict her and her mace in a DCAU environment.
Re: Hawkgirl's mace
May 01, 2007 06:18PM
Unlike the royal Atlantean Sword of Kamuu, Hawkgirl's mace doesn't pierce or cut through magical force fields. The mace actually disrupts extradimensional energy matrixes including those formed by magical means. She can activate an ionic field around the macehead to do additional electical energy damage.
Re: Hawkgirl's mace
May 01, 2007 07:43PM
Aside from not actually cutting, the animated Hawkgirl's mace seems to have some similarities to the Black Knight's old Ebony Blade, namely its apparent capabilities for disrupting energy barriers and deflecting/reflecting energy blasts.

Thus, the Ebony Blade's (IIRC) Unearthly rank for such efforts could perhaps be applied as a "quick and dirty" method for gauging similar effects for Hawkgirl's mace.

As Xmanalb mentioned, she's also capable of surrounding it with an energy field, which would likely account for some of the formidable hits she seems to deliver with it. Said energy field would likewise affect anyone grabbing the mace's head while it's active. And I believe it was in the Wake the Dead episode (Grundy's return) where it showed that the energy field around the mace also makes for a nice light in dark areas...

I run a version of the DCAU in my games as well, and I use such above-mentioned quick and dirty notes to handle her mace's effects, along with a general note that it's anti-magic properties allow it to harm supernatural creatures as well...

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Re: Hawkgirl's mace
May 02, 2007 07:06PM
Now that you bring up the Ebony Sword...in astro-metallurgical research, there are iron isotopes and alloys found in meteor craters. The most common are Iron/Nickel and Iridium. Iron/Nickel, when combined with cadmium can be used to create super-capacitance energy storage devices. Iridium can be used to boost the signal range and clarity of radiowave signals. In the mid-late 90s, Motorola became the first telecom company to incorporate Iridium in their cell and mobile phone chips.

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