Profile: The Protector

Fighting: Remarkable (30)
Agility: Remarkable (30)
Strength: Good (10)
Endurance: Remarkable (30)

Reason: Good (10)
Intuition: Excellent (20)
Psyche: Excellent (20)

Health: Unearthly (100)
Karma: Amazing (50)

Popularity: Good (+15)
Resources: Good (10)

The Protector

Real Name: Jason Hart Aliases/Nicks:
Class: Hero Identity: Secret
Age: Young Adult Gender: Male Height: 6 ft. 1 in. Weight: 190 lbs.
Hair/Fur: Brown () Eyes: Blue () Physical Form: Human (Normal) Race: Caucasian ()
Marital Status: Single () Citizenship: Citizen of the United States, with no criminal record. Still a minor.
Place of Birth: Metropolis Base of Operations: Mobile throughout the United States, NYC as a member of the Titans.
Education: College Occupation: Guidance Consouler and adventurer.
Origin of Powers: Normal Human Group Affiliation: The Teen Titans (Honorary)

Known Relatives

Father: Lawrence Hart Mother: Charlotte Hart
Siblings: Children:
Additional Information

Lawrence Hart (father); Charlotte Hart (mother); Louise (Aunt); Paul (Uncle); Ted (Cousin).




The Protector is a normal human being who does not possess any superhuman abilities, this is often something that his enemies try to exploit.


Martial Arts C and E: The Protector has Excellent Strength to grapple rolls (Including damage), and Incredible Agility to dodge and Excellent Strength for Escape Rolls and gains +1 to all initiative rolls as a result of his martial prowess.

Acrobatics/Tumbling: Jason is fast and nimble with Incredible fighting and Agility to evade and Dodge and Excellent strength to escape from holds or grappling attacks, and may fall up to 30 feet without taking damage on an Endurance feat roll.

Detective/Espionage:Jason was trained by Nightwing and knows how to use espionage and counter espionage tactics, cryptography and can shadow another person with Remarkable ability. He can run surveillance equipment if need be and has Excellent reason for the purposes of deductive reasoning as well as Skulk in the shadows at Excellent ability seemingly appearing and disappearing in a batman-like manner.

First Aid:Jason is Red Cross certified and can prevent someone from dying if or at least slow down the process long enough for them to receive full medical attention.

Computers: The Protector has some skill in the field of computers at Excellent Reason and is able to program, hack and build them if needed.

Pilot: The Protector has incredible agility behind the control of a plane, helicopter or some other type of flying craft. His ability to repair them is Excellent ability should he have the proper tools and time to do so.

Physical Features



The Protector is serious about his war on drugs, he was trained by Dick (Nightwing) Grayson and has no qualms about putting a serious smack down on drug dealers or criminal types.




• Grappling Hook and Rope: 3 area range, Ex material.


The Titans-As a member of the Titans Jason could call on any of them for help and would receive it.

Special Notes

Personal History

Young high school student Jason Hart watched helplessly as his young cousin Ted slowly became a drug addict. Nothing Jason or any member of his family could do would convince Ted that he wasn't wasting his life, ruining his health and getting dangerously involved with criminal activities and disreputable people. Ted distrusted his family intensely because of a past problem he felt they'd inflicted upon him, and tried to avoid his relatives, plunging himself into the new lifestyle all that much more, fueled by their disapproval.

Desperate for a way to show Ted that he was in deep trouble, Jason remembered that his cousin had once been a big comic book fan. He thought that if a member of the family couldn't talk to Ted, maybe a Batman- type super-hero could. He adopted the guise of a hero himself, the Protector, seeking to help his cousin.

The masquerade backfired, however, when through a long chain of events, Jason was forced to actually be a super-hero in order to protect his cousin from drug dealers who were looking to exploit the befuddled Ted.

When the story eventually broke, it came to the attention of Nightwing, who rewarded Jason with an honorary membership in the New Teen Titans and an intensive training course that would make him equal to the task of working with the heroic team.