Profile: Doomsday

Fighting: Unearthly (100)
Agility: Unearthly (100)
Strength: Shift-Z (500)
Endurance: Shift-Z (500)

Reason: Poor (4)
Intuition: Amazing (50)
Psyche: Monstrous (75)

Health: Class 1000 (1200)
Karma: Shift-X (129)

Popularity: Shift-0 (-100)
Resources: Not Applicable (0)


Real Name: The Ultimate Lifeform Aliases/Nicks: Armagedon Creature, Armageddon Agent, The Ultimate Survivor, Living doom, Death, A Walking War Machine, Killer of Superman.
Class: Villain Identity: Publicly Known
Age: Immortal/Long-Lived Gender: Male Height: 8 ft. 10 in. Weight: 915 lbs.
Hair/Fur: White () Eyes: Red () Physical Form: Humanoid Race Race: (Kryptonian)
Marital Status: Single () Citizenship: None
Place of Birth: Krypton Base of Operations: Mobile
Education: None Occupation: Destroyer
Origin of Powers: Doomsday was created a millenia ago on Krypton to survive at all costs, his cruel and inhumane upbringing and long history of battle have made him a ruthless monster. He is most well-known for being responsible for the Death of Superman. Group Affiliation: Formerly Secret Society of Super-Villains III, Suicide Squad, Apokolips.

Known Relatives

Father: Bertron (creator; "father", deceased). Mother: NA
Siblings: NA Children: NA
Additional Information

Bertron (creator; "father", deceased).


• Adaptation/Evolution: Doomsday possesses the ability to Adapt and Evolve form any attack that does damage to him at Class 1000 ability. Whenever he reaches 0 Health and Shift-0 Endurance whatever killed him becomes his newest addition to his Evolution Factor at +1CS of the effect. EG: If he dies because he can't breathe in an Amazing ranked Argon atmosphere, he revives and gains the Monstrous ability to breathe Argon.
• Immortality: Doomsday has learned at a genetic level how not to die through adaption/evolution. He cannot be killed and has Class 1000 rank immortality.
• Invulnerability: Class 1000 resistance Heat, Cold, Disease, Toxins, Corrosives, and Radiation.
• Regeneration: Shift-Z
• Self Recovery: Shift-Z
• Self-Sustenance: Doomsday has developed the ability to survive without needing to Breathe, Eat, or Sleep.
• True Invulnerability: Shift-X
• Hyper Leaping: Class 5000
• Sense Kryptonian: A genetic ability to sense anyone Kryptonian at an Unearthly intensity and range.
• Bone Growth: Doomsday's external bone growth has a Shift-Y material strength.
• Claws: Doomsday's hide is covered with external bone growth (Shift-Y material strength). He uses these spikelike protusions as claws, which are extendable. He is capable of using them as weapons inflicting Shift-X (150) edged damage.




Physical Features

White hair, eyes red in color, gray skin tone, with bone protrustions over entire body.



Doomsday is an enemy of all living things, although particularly inclined to hate Kryptonians. The Radiant of Calaton and Superman are among the very few foes to ever defeat the creature.

Doomsday is an engine of almost mindless destruction. There is no reasoning or even speaking with it....there is no mercy only death.



Any weakness Doomsday has that is used against him, can no longer be considered a weakness, as he will regenerate and adapt to whatever previously killed him.




Special Notes

Doomsday hates all things Kryptonian and can sense Kryptonian life-forms due to the nature of its origins.

Personal History

The creature known as Doomsday originated long ago on the planet Krypton, before that world’s inhabitants conquered their environment. The alien scientist Bertron cloned and released a humanoid infant onto the harsh surface of the planet. After its immediate death, the remains were dissected and used to create a new clone. Each successive “generation” of the creature was encoded with the death agonies of all of the prior clones, creating a form of forced adaptive evolution. First, the clone became able to withstand the harsh environment. Then it developed abilities to deal with the deadly predator species, to survive on solar energy without the need for food, water, or air, and, eventually to regenerate and adapt to whatever killed it, even without Bertron’s technology. “The Ultimate” form of the creature exterminated Krypton’s deadliest predatory species, and then turned on Bertron, aware that he had “killed” it thousands of times over.

Escaping from Krypton, the creature rampaged across the universe for thousands of years. It battled Darkseid on Bylan 5, resulting in the poisoning of that world’s atmosphere. It rampaged across Khundia, uniting the warring clans to build a rocket to send the Destroyer hurling back into space. The creature killed a Green Lantern and even attacked Oa, requiring hundreds of Green Lanterns and even one of the Guardians of the Universe to perish in order to stop it. Finally, the Ultimate cut a swath of devastation across the world of Calaton. The survivors of the Calaton royal family merged their life forces into a powerful energy being known as the Radiant. It killed the Ultimate, although the battle devastated the surface of Calaton. In accordance with their funerary rites, the Calatonians shrouded and chained the Ultimate’s corpse, so its spirit could not escape the afterlife. They placed it into a capsule and shot it into space.

Eventually, the capsule crash landed on Earth, buried deep underground by the impact. After an unknown amount of time buried alive, the creature regenerated and fought its way free, emerging in the American Midwest. Dubbed “Doomsday” after Booster Gold likened its appearance to “the arrival of doomsday,” the creature easily defeated the assembled Justice League, making his way towards Metropolis. Doomsday’s early development gave him the ability to sense the presence of Kryptonian life-forms, it automatically considered them a threat, so he was drawn to Superman’s home to attack him.

Superman attempted to stop Doomsday, leading to a running battle all the way into Metropolis. Even the Man of Steel was only just able to slow the creature. Finally, in a no-holds-barred combat, Superman and Doomsday beat each other to death in front of the Daily Planet building in downtown Metropolis. Not long thereafter, Hank Henshaw, the Cyborg Superman (posing as the real Superman) stole Doomsday’s corpse. He bound the creature to an asteroid and sent it hurtling out of the solar system on a trajectory that would not intersect with any inhabited worlds.